Transcending Grief:
A Small-Group Workshop

A 12-Week Journey to Well-being After Loss.

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For the next session of the 12-Week Virtual Workshop, Inviting Joy into Grief: Reimagining Life After Loss.

This small-group mentoring program brings together diverse, caring individuals dealing with loss who are ready to transcend grief, create their own life support system for living with loss, and shape the next chapter of their one-and-only, heartbroken-and-still-beautiful lives.

It's about grieving, growing & going forward together.

The death of someone we love (or a beloved animal companion) always means stepping into an uninvited & uncharted future—and no one but you can take those steps. However, you don't have to do it all solo.

Coming together with others on similar journeys helps you feel better sooner and see possibilities for happiness and meaning that you might not see alone.

Plus it's good to have people who understand what you're going through ;-)

Participants will experience:

  • Live virtual group conversations & mentoring,
  • Weekly online learning through a private community portal,
  • Specific practices & actions for taking a break from grief and inviting joy & peace into your days,
  • Opportunities for personal connection & supportive new relationships,
  • Create your unique Well-Being Plan, for becoming your best possible self in the aftermath of your loss(es).

Ultimately you'll learn how to hold on to the one you love in a new way, move into the future with a sense of purpose, and experience joy again...every day.

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Your Mentor & Facilitator

Kimberley Pittman-Schulz

Author of Grieving Us: A Field Guide for Living With Loss Without Losing Yourself & Transcending Grief Mentor

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